This month’s swear is stolen from the future - specifically, Back to the Future 2. Since the movie takes place in 2016, and every other chilling prediction it makes has come true, we should long since have been using this swear in our daily conversation. Well, two years late is better than never, so feast your eyes on this beauty: bojo (noun)

Some kind of absolute god damn idiot who doesn’t even know how a hoverboard works.

A lot of things are disappointing about the future - hoverboards don’t actually hover, Biff is actually Donald Trump, and we are all doomed to boil alive inside our own atmosphere. But at the very least, we can take some solace in this pleasing swear. But because we have stolen this swear, as it were, through time travel, one great challenge remains: we must invent an origin for it.

Is it, as some say, a contraction of “bone jockey”? Or is it a contraction of Boris Johnson’s name? Did a celebrity get too drunk once and try to say “bozo”? Or is it the sound of someone trying to say “blowjob” while simultaneously performing a blowjob? The choice is yours, my little bojos!